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Move’s philosophy

We believe everyone has his or her passion and gift.
We want to receive them from you, so we want you to share them with us.
However there have been no places and opportunities to do that.
So we make them for you.
And we call it “Move”.
We need your passion and gift.

Let’s Move!!


Move’s Five Features

1.“Move” is a place where participants express them selves WITHIN THREE MINUTES.
What if you are given a chance to talk about inner messages you have, in other words, the passion and gift inside of you?
We will share the opportunity for you to do this in “Move.”

2.“Move” is a place where participants are being who they really are.
What if you freely express yourself without obeying someone or concerning about other’s opinions?
We will offer the courage to make your passion and gift clear based on YOUR CHERISHED VALUE in “Move.”

3.“Move” is a place where participants EXCHANGE the passions and gifts with people all over the world.
What if someone in this planet immensely needs your passion and gift, or his or her passion and gift potentially change your life?
We will prepare the connection for you to do this in “Move.”

4.“Move” is a place where participants maximize their passions and gifts.
What if you can GIVE A HUGE IMPACT on person somewhere in this world with your passion and gift?
We will give strong support to you to apply your passion and gift to real situation in your life in “Move”, such as relationship with someone and business.

5.“Move” is a place where EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD can participant in.
What if you can practice the things stated as above worldwide?
We will expand “Move” to all over the world.




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